Best Reasons to visit

Best Reasons To Visit

These remarkable “mountains in the sea” offer you the holiday experience of a lifetime. Here you can get away from it all in an inspiring world of sparkling beaches, rugged ranges, abundant wildlife and flora, and clear sapphire waters. With a pleasant climate throughout the year and activities from boating, climbing, fishing, to exploring our historic sites.

Wildlife and wonders

The fishing port of Lady Barron, nestled snugly in a sheltered corner of the coast; expansive wetlands noisy with migratory birds, long-distance travellers from the Arctic Circle; wallabies, wombats and Cape Barren geese, at home in their natural habitat of hillside and heath land; views to dream about – the sea boiling on reefs, islands in the tidal stream, a fretwork of mountains on the horizon – that’s the south-east of Flinders.

Rugged and remote

Precious topaz, glinting among sand and gravel; the gleaming granite of Mt Killiecrankie; fishing boats tugging at their moorings and seabirds wheeling on the wind; a 30km beach, where lumps of black coal still wash up from the City of Foochow’s scattered cargo; country roads, empty beaches and wide horizons – the northern part of Flinders has them all.

Strzelecki and settlements

Strzelecki’s sky-piercing granite crags, towering beyond bright half-moon beaches; purple irises nodding around Wybalenna’s red brick chapel, full of poignant memories; peaks and high places, with views across farmlands, coastlines and the blue shifting sea – south-west Flinders combines many of the island’s varied qualities.

Mountains in the sea

Lonely remnants of Bass Strait’s ice age land bridge, dotting the sea all around; cradles of life for fish, dolphins, seals, gannets, shearwaters, pelicans; warm and welcoming in gentle summer breezes, wild and wonderful when the westerlies roar – Flinders is surrounded by a scattering of islands, ancient hilltops and peaks left high and dry when the glaciers melted.

A Island for all seasons

The Southern Rock Lobster (crayfish) season begins on 15th November and closes in September. Killiecrankie Enterprises sell cooked or live crayfish during most of the season. In order for the crayfish to be fresh as possible please order in advance – at least a day before it is required.

Friendly locals

Whitemark’s cheerful pub and friendly locals Remember to wave to passing motorists

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