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Flinders Island is one of more than 60 islands, in the Furneaux Group which is located between Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria and Cape Portland, Tasmania. Flinders Island is the largest of these islands and the region has around 900 permanent residents. Flinders is a long, narrow island, 75 km long and 40 km wide, with the Darling Ranges running along the middle of the island. The Furneaux Group of islands is what remains of the original land bridge that once joined Tasmania to mainland Australia. The time of the flooding of this land bridge is a contentious point for many scientists but it is believed to have happened between 12,000 and 18,000 years ago. Over these thousands of years, water erosion has formed some of the most spectacular rock formations and scenery you will find anywhere in the world. The islands lie scattered around latitude 400 south and are home to a very diverse wildlife with over 120 species of bird are found on Flinders Island including many visiting migratory, Northern Hemisphere species. The region is also home to the rare Cape Barren Goose and the endangered 40-Spotted Pardalote. Flinders Island has a thriving rural community that produces sheep and wool, cattle, milk-fed lambs, crayfish, abalone, wine and wallaby. Other main business activities include rural support industries and tourism.

Communication Services

The island is well covered by the Next G network although there are a couple of places that dont get very good reception; Palana, Killiecrankie, Pigs Head Point (near Trousers Point) & Blue Rocks. You must have a compatible Telstra Next G mobile to access the coverage. All other Next G mobiles linked to all other carriers besides Telstra and Digital mobile phones do not work on the island.Most of the Accommodation properties have land line telephones connected. These are generally barred from any other than local calls, but can receive calls. There are also public phones at Whitemark, Lady Barron, Killiecrankie and the Whitemark Airport.Most locals use UHF radios in their cars, on their boats, and on their properties. If you require access to the Internet during your stay visit the Online Access Centre, or Service Tasmania both are located in Whitemark. Both have computers with Internet access and printers for public use.


The Flinders municipality covers 4 groups of Bass Strait islands off the north-eastern tip of Tasmania: the Furneaux, Kent, Hogan and Curtis Groups. Flinders Island has three main Townships Whitemark, Lady Barron, Emita and Killiecrankie where the majority of our population reside, the remainder of our residents live on farms throughout the centre of the island or remote coastal properties.Whitemark is the islands main township with many shops and services

• Walkers Service Station and Supermarket
• Post Office (Commonwealth Bank agent) and Westpac Bank Agency
• Bowmans General Store and History Room
• Online Access Centre / Library
• Service Tasmania’s one stop shop and Parks and Wildlife office
• Police Station
• Multi Purpose Centre and Doctors Surgery
• Council Chambers and community Rose garden
• Furneaux Gallery
• Strait Across Art Gallery
• Historic Flinders Island Interstate Hotel and Gem Shop
• Freckles Cafe and Flinders Island Bakery
• Killiecrankie Enterprises and Sarah Sues Boutique
• Flinders Island RSL Golf and Bowls Club
• Anglican and Catholics Churches
• Whitemark Butchery
• Roberts and Elders rural merchandise and real estate.Lady Barron is the Island’s southern most port with
• Lady Barron Multi Store
• Furneaux Tavern
• Lady Barron Wharf and boat slipEmita is a coastal village halfway between Whitemark and Killiecrankie with only
• Furneaux Museum at Emita
• Deep Bite Cafe in Killiecrankie.


There is one school on Flinders Island and one on Cape Barren Island. Flinders Island District High School covers kindergarten to grade 10 and in 2012 have a roll of 63 students; Primary: 51, Secondary: 12. The Flinders Island District High School curriculum teaches a foreign language plus five main subjects. Short courses are offered with duration of five weeks. Some courses include woodwork, metal work, cooking, sewing, small engine service, driver education, porcelain doll making, art, and stained glass. Off-Island trips and outdoor education camps are organised biennially as an extension of the curriculum. The High School has a music programme where upper-primary and secondary students are taught both as a class and individually.

Generally pupils leave at the completion of grade 10, moving on to years 11 & 12 (in Launceston) however some Year 11 & 12 subjects are offered through the NEET program. Others remain on the island to undertake traineeships and/or continue the family business.

Essential Services

Health : Flinders Island is well serviced by a fully equipped Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC), with Royal Flying Doctor Service for emergencies. MPC phone: (03) 6359 2122 A resident doctor (with surgery hours) services the community, with the surgery being open 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) and appointments made for other times. Ambulance : Flinders Island is serviced by two ambulances, which are run by volunteers on a roster basis.Police : Water- and land-based police service the Flinders region. To contact our local police officers phone: 03 6359 2000 or 03 6359 3506Fire Brigade : There are 6 local volunteer fire brigades.Electricity : Our electricity is supplied by 4 diesel generators, which are supplemented by 2 wind-powered generators.Churches : Flinders Island has visits from a Catholic sister and Anglican Minister to tend to the needs of the community. Churches are located at Whitemark and Lady Barron with service times advertised in the local newspaper.Veterinary Services : The Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (DPIWE) have a resident veterinary officer who also provides a private clinical service; this service is located at Lagoon Road, Whitemark in the DPIWE building.

Clubs and Associations

Flinders Island has a wide range of clubs and associations. Golf & Bowls Club Furneaux Field & Game Pony Club C.W.A. The Furneaux Historical Research Association Inc Furneaux Lapidary Club Meals On Wheels Committee Senior and Junior Football Associations Flinders Island Tourism Association Branch of Tas Regional Arts Scottish Country Dancing Netball, Ladies & Mixed Lions Club Hospital Auxiliary To mention just a few.


Flinders Island is a network of approximately 450km of sealed and unsealed roads, all suitable for 2WD vehicles. From these roads you can access the major townships, many lookouts and beaches. Driving during dusk and dawn can be hazardous as many of the islands wildlife come out the feed on the edge of the roadside. It is advisable to slow down and drive with caution during these times. There is a taxi and airport shuttle service on the island, however it is recommended to organise a hire vehicle before you arrive.

Investment Opportunities

Rental Properties

The real estate companies on the island don’t manage the rental properties but if you are looking for a house you can phone them and they may know of what is available.

If you have no luck there try putting an ad in the island news email

Real Estate Agents on Flinders Island:
Elders Real Estate: Steve Cole 03 6359 2141
Roberts Ltd Colin Wilson 03 6359 2059

Mountain Seas

Mountain Seas Community offers a dynamic opportunity to live and work together on one of the world’s most beautiful remote islands. At a time when the world needs co-creative models, we at Mountain Seas are exploring cooperative efforts in community living: The potential for building cottage industries, organic gardening and farming, art studio use, and nature-based tourism accommodation. This offering creates the lifestyle of your choice: Be autonomous and private, or meet your neighbours for outdoor adventures, gardening, art projects or a good meal together.
We are currently offering strata title ownership of a stunning 160 acre property on Flinders Island, Tasmania. See details by clicking on the Strata Opportunity. The vision for this community is still young … but is growing rapidly more popular as people are seeking a way to live in a place of exquisite beauty, emphasizing organic locally grown food and expression through the arts. We also have potential opportunities for staff housing, particularly for the entrepreneurial visionary. Read More about Mountain Seas.

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